Tai Chi Class

As of May 18th, 2021: 

Long form tai chi classes:

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  9 am - 9:45 am 









If you are looking for online tai chi classes, the Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Center in Redmond Washington offers a wide variety of classes.  http://yangtaichiseattle.com/classes  
A financial donation IS expected if you participate.
You can also email them at  info@yangtaichiseattle.com 

Another option is to join the  Yang Family Tai Chi Association

Handouts for tai chi classes:

Hints for practicing on your own

Chi Gung Exercise 

Tai chi long sword list of movements

Video links:
Looking for inspiration to get moving again? Here's a quick 5 minute video clip of (a very young) Master Yang Jun doing the first section of the 103 (long) hand form

Trying to practice the sword form but having trouble getting started? This older (and somewhat blurry) short video clip can get you through that rough spot and into the flow again

Notes on Tai Chi:
Tai chi is a series of slow movements developed in China over 500 years ago.  It is popular for reducing stress, increasing energy and circulation, and developing flexibility and balance. 
There are many styles of tai chi. I teach the Yang Family style traditional long form, with its emphasis on tai chi as a martial art.
I strive for the classes to be accessible, supportive, and tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each student.  Class atmosphere is relaxed and open.
Tai chi is a martial art, a system of health and healing, a moving meditation and an unfolding metaphor on how to live in harmony. For me, tai chi is ultimately the practice of joy and the discipline of hope.