Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Muss the Claw


On October 15th, 2018 the real “Muss the Claw” died, but her legends live on.
Like the legend she inspired, she was smart, and brave, and very very fierce, a fighter to the end.  She was incredibly strong-willed and determined. And, yes, sharp-clawed.
The real Muss was not nice or sweet, but she was loyal and large-hearted.  There were only a handful of people she ever accepted, and even fewer that she would walk up to greet - a rare sign of approval.
She didn’t like other cats, and only tolerated Jack, barely. No slouch himself when it came to fighting, Jack was still no match for the mighty Muss.
She loved tuna, cream, sleeping in the sun, and disemboweling paper towel rolls.  Although the house was her domain, she would fearlessly stalk the orchard at will.
She fully lived all her nine lives, and even borrowed a few.
She will be missed. 
We will continue to tell stories of “Muss the Claw”, which, if not exactly true, she would still approve of.  Her spirit lives on.