Movement classes include Aikido, Tai chi and Yoga. In our experience, movement arts provide a useful framework for developing a strong personal center, safe boundaries, flexibility, resilience, balance and connection with others.

The Teen/Adult Aikido Program is taught by David Tift. Teens work to develop defensive skills, situational awareness, respectful engagement, personal focus and integration.  Training includes traditional Aikido body and weapon arts with an emphasis on personal responsibility. 

The Children’s Aikido Program taught by David Tift & Danae Yurgel uses non-competitive and fun martial “games” that emphasize making safe and responsible choices, creatively resolving conflict, and connecting positively to others.

Classes for ages 4-6 include personal boundaries, clear communication, and early reading skills. 

Classes for ages 6-9 include rolling and falling skills, practical problem-solving, and effective tools to deal with bullying. 

Classes for ages 9-12 include training in personal safety, assertion, refusal skills, and Aikido technique.

See the Aikido Program Guide for more information on Aikido classes.

The Tai Chi Program taught by Danae Yurgel offers instruction in the Yang style traditional long form and Chi Gung exercises in open and relaxed classes.   There are classes for beginners and for more longterm students.

The Yoga Program is taught by Mary Gene Fulton.
Gentle Yoga is for students desiring a slower approach, bringing awareness to the breath and intentional movements. A thorough introduction for all levels, this integrated practice will help you gain strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and alignment. 


David Tift has over 40 years of  martial training and is certified as an instructor in multiple martial arts.  He works as a family advocate and professional skills trainer.

Danae Yurgel has been practicing Tai Chi, dance and Aikido for over 30 years, and teaching over 20 years, fostering women’s and girl’s involvement in movement arts.

Mary Gene Fulton has over 250 hours of Yoga Fundamentals, and  6 years teaching experience.

The Place:
Avella Orchard is a 2.5 acre heirloom fruit and nut “forest” in the city limits of La Grande.  The remodeled dojo class space features natural skylighting and orchard views.